8 Easy Swaps For A Plastic Free Bathroom

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9 MILLION Tons of plastic enters our oceans every year.

Only 1 to 3% of all plastics used are recycled.

I have made it my priority to cut plastic out of my life, now I'd like to pass on what I've learnt so far.

Here are 8 easy swaps for a plastic free bathroom...


Plastic Free Bathroom

1. Your plastic toothbrush stays on this planet for around 400 years after you've used it. Try a bamboo toothbrush, they are compostable and affordable!

2. It is SO difficult to find toothpaste that is not packaged in plastic and it's just as difficult to find out whether that plastic is recyclable or not. My local vegan supermarket introduced me to truthpaste, a natural toothpaste packaged in glass jars, and now I stock it on Green Stock.

3. My bathroom used to be full of Shampoo bottles and God knows how many I would get through every year. Changing over to a Shampoo Bar has saved me space and considering one bar is the equivalent to 3 Shampoo bottles, it's saved me money too!

4. Since going back to soap bars, I've wondered why we became so obsessed with bottled shower gels and bottled bath products. Natural soaps are great for sensitive skin too.

5. My subscription to Who Gives A Crap makes buying loo roll so simple. They are delivered direct to my door individually wrapped in beautifully designed paper AND 50% of the proceeds go to building toilets for people in third world countries.

6. Disposable razors are difficult to recycle, they almost always come in plastic packaging and don't last for very long! What's the point in chucking away razors when you can buy a long lasting, plastic-free safety razor?!

7. If, like me, you have sensitive skin, then you'll probably have a drawer full of plastic bottles with moisturisers and lip salves. I have now swapped my plastic packaged lip balms for the beautiful Organic lip balm made by Living Naturally and packaged in a metal tin.

8. Wet facial wipes are NOT recyclable EVER. Cotton facial wipes do the trick perfectly and you can wash them and use them time and time again. Think of how much money you'll save!

Take these simple steps and you will have a plastic free bathroom in no time!

Plastic Free Skin Care

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    Just saved my bathroom, thanks Kim xx

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