3 Top Tips for a Plastic-Free Life

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There's lots of talk about how our lifestyles are affecting the planet, I'm sure you've seen the videos on social media or read statistics in newspapers, and quite frankly it's terrifying!

When you take a step back and notice how much waste an average person produces, you can't unsee it but it's not easy to make a change. With everybody telling us what we're doing wrong, it's extremely difficult to find any guidance.

Here you'll find a little ray of light. I'm going to share with you everything that I've learnt on my plastic-free journey.


Here are my 3 top tips to get us started:

REDUCE how much plastic you use by seeking out alternatives.

I started with toiletries; ditch Shampoo Bottles and use a Shampoo Bar instead, the same goes for Shower Gel/Handwash; get yourself some lovely Natural Soap Bars!

When you're toothbrush needs replacing go for a sustainable bamboo toothbrush.

It took me ages to find loo roll that wasn't wrapped in plastic film! post loo roll (individually wrapped in recycled paper) to your door AND 50% of their profits go to building toilets in developing countries.

REUSE whatever you can, be creative with it!

The first thing I bought when going plastic-free was a Keep Cup which I carry around with me at all times. As a caffeine addict, I always need to know that I'm not too far away from my next coffee but I can't bear the thought of all of those single use cups going to landfill!

Keep your jam jars! I have a cupboard full of them, partly because I might be a hoarder, but they're great for storing so many things like my homemade deoderant. 

RECYCLE whatever you can. 

One of the most frustrating things for me is how difficult it is to decipher whether packaging is recyclable or not. Of course, supermarkets should take a lot more resposibility for their packaging but if you're unsure has helped me out on lots of occasions. It's also good to note that some supermarkets will recycle plastic carrier bags and other plastic wrappers!

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  1. Eve shiels

    Love this. Particularly the web site advice on toilet roll. (Im gonna check it out) Defiantly agree supermarkets should take more responsibility for their packaging. I particularly hate things that have a recycleable tub but not plastic film topping (which is nearly impossible to completely rip off) Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing more.

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